• 2016 Championship Schedule

    Saturday July 30 9:00-10:00 D1 Consolation Game: Bears vs Eagles 10:10-11:10 D1 Championship Game: Wolverines vs Badgers 11:10-11:40 D1 Awards 11:50-12:50 D2 Con... More
  • Tournament Rules

    Have Fun!! Be Safe!! Play Hard and Play Fair!!
  • 2016 Playoff and Championship Info

    Excitement is in the air as we move into our final days of the 2016 season. Please read on for playoff and championship information.
  • How to Stop Hockey Equipment from Stinking

    As we get into the hockey season, the question often comes up: "How do I get the gear to stink less?". The key to keeping it fresh is to air it out after every use. When it's already stinky, everything but... More
  • Sources For Gear

    If you need to complete your set of gear for the season or replace something you have outgrown or worn out, the following article will give you some options for shopping for new (or new to you) roller hockey ... More
  • Sources for BRHL Logo Swag

    Cafe Press: and
  • Donations

    We are now able to accept online credit card donations year round!
  • All You Need to Know about BRHL

    Here you will find everything you need to know about BRHL .
  • Helmet and Safety Reminder

    Safety Reminder! If you are on wheels - you need a helmet! (even if you are just standing around)