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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious About Roller Hockey? Start Here with These FAQs.

Kids who play roller hockey, love roller hockey. We'll tell you all about the league, and how to get started.

My son/daughter has never played roller hockey, or even skated before.  Is this program right for him/her?

Yes!  BRHL is a community league, and all our players had never been on blades at one point in their lives!!  We have brand new players in every division, every year. We welcome players of all skill and experience levels.  Early season practices focus on skill development.  You'll be amazed how quickly the kids learn and how much they improve.  By the end of the season, it's difficult to know who came into the season without experience. 


Is my player old enough? 

We have three divisions: D1 (7-10 years old), D2 (11-13 years old), and D3 (14-17 years old). The age range cut-off date is May 1st.

(for example, if your child turns 11 in June of the current season, she or he will play in D1 since they are still 10 as of May 1)


How much does it cost?

The current registration fee is $225. We do offer a $10 discount for siblings and you can contact us for scholarship options if the registration fee is a hardship.


When does the season run? 

Practices for the 2024 season begin on Monday, April 29th. Games start Saturday, May 11, and run through Saturday, June 29th, which is our Championship Saturday. We hold evaluations  on  April 16/17th--it's very easy, no big deal, every player does it. Teams practice either Mon-Wed or Tues-Thurs afternoon/evenings and play games on Saturdays, always at the Battle Point Park rink on Bainbridge Island. We do play a few Sunday games, and some weekday games during practice times, but our calendar is centered around those Saturday games. We do not schedule games during the Memorial Day weekend or the July 4 holiday. 


We're already playing baseball or lacrosse. Is that a conflict? 

There's a little season overlap, but it's not a big deal. Some of our best players also excel in other sports. (And some of our best players also play no other sports!) Usually, a baseball player will miss an early season hockey practice due to a baseball game conflict, but it's not a deal-breaker. We've all been there. 


Seems like a lot of gear. What's up with that?

For most kids, the gear is one of the best parts of playing. You could spend a lot of time and money buying new gear--but you shouldn't. Nobody does. We have a gear swap in mid-March, and by "swap" we mean if you walk in with zero gear you'll probably walk out with a full set, for free. Skates, helmet, and all. We have a generous culture of sharing hand-me-down gear, and younger kids love wearing the "lucky helmet" of a respected older player. We also have a strong social network: "Anybody got an extra pair of shin guards?" is a call usually answered with a front-porch delivery within 24 hours. If you're new to the league, don't worry: We'll set you up. 


All I know about hockey is checking and fighting.

This ain't that game. Our league is fun, fast, and competitive--and recreational and friendly. We are a no-checking league through all divisions, and there is no fighting. Period. This is a sport where effort and skill, not size and intimidation, are rewarded. Boys and girls, and young men and women, play together on the same teams in the same game. Nobody's going pro in roller hockey. We all play, coach, and cheer for the love of the game and for fun. 


Playing time?  How does that work? 

We strive for equal playing time.  As a community organization, fostering fun and love of the game is paramount – to that end our Division 1 players rotate in 3-minute shifts, with stoppage of play for line changes, ensuring equal playing time for all D1 players.  In our D2 and D3 divisions all players play with the intention of equal time, and it is mostly balanced, but occasionally there will be slight differences depending upon the flow of the game, as we do not stop play for line changes. 


I have heard that if my child comes late to the game, they may not play in the first period.

Yes, that is true!  We do gear checks 10 minutes prior to each game and all players must be present and in full gear.  If a player does not make the mandatory gear check, they will not be allowed to play in the first period of that game--but they will play the second and third periods.  We do this in order to maintain our game schedule, which is pretty tightly packed on Saturdays.


Our family likes to take a vacation in the summer, what if we miss a game?

BRHL maintains an 80% game attendance policy.  We understand that summer is a time for family and other opportunities, so we are a bit more flexible than other sports when it comes to missed games.  However, please note that missing games puts a burden on the rest of the team, so we do ask you to commit to 80% of the games and practices. It's especially important to commit to the last week and weekend in July when we have our playoffs and championship games.  Please contact us if you know you will be missing a part of the season so we can discuss options.


What happens when it rains? 

BRHL Rain Policy for Practices

BRHL practices in the rain!  Street hockey, practice in sneakers, is the way to go when it rains!  This is a great opportunity for players to improve stickhandling, shooting and game positioning skills. Our board members and coaches always make decisions about rain practices and gameplay with player safety top of mind. In the event of thunder/lightening practices will be canceled, otherwise, plan to practice.


BRHL Rain Policy for Games

Plan to play!  In the event of standing water and unsafe skating conditions, BRHL will make a league decision 45 minutes prior to the start of the game to cancel/reschedule games.  Information will be posted on the website in as timely a manner as possible – in addition, rain-out emails will be sent to the primary contact address.


Can I be on a team with my friends?

BRHL creates new teams each year and cannot accept friend requests.  At the start of each season, we conduct a mandatory player evaluation (this is not a try-out) to help gauge skill level.  When teams are formed, we are looking to balance age, gender, skill level, and experience.  This keeps our league fresh each year and ensures (as closely as we can gauge) competitive teams in each division.   To this end, we are unable to accept friend requests or practice night requests.  We do our best to place siblings on the same practice nights.  Thank you for understanding this policy and welcoming the opportunity to meet new players and coaches. 


Do we have to travel off the Island for games or practices?        

No!  That is one of the beautiful things about this league, all games and practices take place at Battle Point Park.


Have a question that is not answered here? 

Please email with additional questions – we’ll add them to this growing list!

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