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We are thrilled to announce that registration is open for the 2021  season. 

To register, please use this link:

With getting a later start and COVID protocols, the season will look a little different this year.  Check look for key dates to the right, and use this page to find out what to expect, and how to get questions answered.

Gear Swap!

Our annual gear swap is happening Tuesday, April 13 at 7 p.m. at Battle Point Park, next to the roller hockey rink. Face masks required!

NOTE: sunset is just before 8 p.m. If you are bringing gear, please arrive at least 15 minutes early. If you need gear, also consider arriving a few minutes early as we will be starting right at 8 p.m.

If you are new and don't have any gear, bring yourself and we will help you get outfitted. If you are a returning player, bring whatever doesn't fit anymore to exchange. Depending on how many new players we have and how much gear is up for exchange, some families may get fully outfitted for free! See below for more information about the gear you need. 

If you missed Zoom info night (on March 18), here's the slide show. Our info email is down right now, but if you have additional questions, please  message us on Facebook  or send a note to this email  and we're happy to connect and chat.


Look for our evolving COVID plan, to be posted here soon.



Hi Roller Hockey Families,

After our awesome players, the best thing about BRHL is the amazing parent and volunteer community.  We are looking for volunteers to join our board and help the season progress smoothly.  This will be especially important this year as COVID-19 protocols may complicate logistics.

If you are even a tiny bit interested or know someone else who might be a good fit, let us know at

Although any position can be learned, if you have particular experience/interest in any of these areas, that would be a plus:


Recruiting/social media

Rink maintenance 

Snack shack coordinator


Health and safety

Gear manager

It's an informal and fun group with the aim of continuing to create a great hockey experience for our kids in service to the mission of the organization.

Bainbridge Roller Hockey League Mission

“Bainbridge Roller Hockey League encourages spirited competition, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and fun on and off the rink. We strive for a mix of age, gender and ability in every division. Our community embraces the physical challenge, encourages leadership and values fair play for all.”

"We're New. Any Tips on the Gear?"

You don't want to miss Gear Swap!

Gear Swap: April 13, 7 p.m. at the rink at Battle Point Park (more info at the top of this page)

Here's a handy visual gear guide and FAQ!

Evaluation day (date TBD) is mandatory for all players, regardless of experience or ability. This is an easy 20-minute skate that allows us to create teams with evenly distributed levels of ability. (We also schedule make-up days.)

Please arrive with all required gearlisted below, contained in a single hockey (duffel) bag. If you haven’t gathered all the gear yet, today is the day. Order your missing pieces at or Amazon also has a number of items that can be sent 2-day via Prime. For those of you who can do it, a single trip to Play It Again Sports in Lynnwood and Elevate Sporting in Tacoma will almost always get you fully geared up with lovingly worn gear at a very reasonable price.

Bainbridge Roller Hockey League requires that players wear the following to both practices and games:

  1. Hockey Helmet, with a protective face cage
  2. Mouthguard
  3. Hockey Elbow Pads
  4. Hockey Shin Guards
  5. Hockey Gloves
  6. Roller Hockey Girdle 
  7. Protective Cup (boys, required) or Pelvic Protector (girls, optional)
  8. InLine Hockey Pants to fit over the shin guards and girdle
  9. Inline Hockey Skates with softer indoor wheels for new surface 
  10. Wood or composite Hockey Stick, ideally with a composite blade (no plastic blades, please).

Other tips:

  • Lighter colored helmets are cooler under the summer sun. 
  • Ask your dentist if they do free custom sports guards
  • Wheels and bearings wear out, especially on our used gear. If you need help getting  your skates in working order, just ask! 
  • Coaches, board members and veteran families have lots of gear experience and we're happy to help!

More About BRHL: Divisions, Rules, Etc.

By BRHL 01/27/2017, 4:15pm PST

When you want a little more depth than the FAQs give you.

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How to Stop Hockey Equipment from Stinking

By BRHL 01/25/2017, 5:45pm PST

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Sources For Gear

By BRHL 01/26/2017, 5:45pm PST

Look here if you need to complete your set of gear for the season or replace something you have outgrown or worn out.

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Sources for BRHL Logo Swag

By BRHL 01/27/2017, 3:30pm PST

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2019 Practice Schedule


5:30: Bandits - Rebels

6:30: Selkies - Chupacabras

7:30: Steelheads - Crushers


5:30: Archers - Wizards

6:30: Sirens

7:30: Everblades - Ice Hogs

Team will have practice unless there is a game scheduled during your practice time.

BRHL Rain Policy for Practices

BRHL practices in the rain (most of the time)!  Street hockey, practice in sneakers and full gear is the way to go when it rains!  This is a great opportunity for players to improve stickhandling, shooting and game positioning skills.  In the event of thunder/lightening practices will be cancelled, otherwise plan to practice.

BRHL Rain Policy for Games

Plan to play!  In the event of unsafe skating conditions, BRHL will make a league decision 30 minutes prior to the start of the game to cancel/reschedule games.  Coaches will be notified and information will be posted on the web site in as timely a manner as possible.



Registration Open Now!

2021 Important Dates

Registration Opens March
Zoom Info Night Mar 18
Great Swap Apr 13
Registration Closes Apr 26
Evaluations May 1
Make-Up Evals ---
Evaluations (Alternate) ---
Team Formation ---
Referee Orientation and Training ---
Coaches Meeting/Dinner ---
Practice Begins! May 25
Memorial Day Weekend May 31
Opening Day!  D1/D2 Scrimmages and D3 Games ---
Games Begin for All Divisions ---
Battle for the Point BBQ and Skate-a-Thon N/A
4th of July Parade N/A
End of Season Tournament ---
Championship Saturday (Celebration/Tournament)  Aug 7


Printable Schedules

Parent Portal

A Great Source of Information for Users of the New Website


Social Media

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